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The organizer of your tour package is the travel agency that is listed in the contract as the organizer and guarantees the implementation of the published program according to the content of the organized trip, except in cases of extraordinary circumstances (war, riots, strikes, etc.). In the case of organized trips or short trips, where the organizer of the program is DISCOVER SOČA TOURS, these general terms and conditions apply, otherwise the general terms and conditions of the organizer apply. These general conditions are an integral part of the offer.


The passenger can sign up for an organized trip online or by phone. Apply by phone, followed by a written reservation by e-mail or regular mail. Providing personal data (names and surnames of passengers, address, telephone number), payment or partial payment of the trip is considered as registration. The terms of payment are an integral part of the trip, and a separate contract applies to larger groups (in the case of individual payments, each passenger receives a separate contract that is binding). If the passenger is a minor, the contract is signed by one of the parents or a guardian, who manages the contract until the trip or trip is carried out. When registering, the passenger is obliged to provide all the information and documents required by the travel program. If the passenger does not provide correct information, he is responsible for all costs and consequences that would arise as a result. Any order transmitted verbally or in writing that contains the name and surname of the passenger, other participants on the same registration form, contact address and telephone number, credit card number or other payment instrument or other action indicating this is also considered an application. that the passenger provided information for the purpose of check-in. The passenger can withdraw from the registration only in accordance with the provisions on the cancellation of the trip.


The day of payment is considered when the passenger made the payment at the beginning of the trip or when the payment was received on the business account. Upon registration, the passenger is obliged to pay 30% of the price of the trip, or as much as stated in the program. The rest of the arrangement must be settled at least 15 days before departure. In case of non-payment within the deadline, it is considered that the passenger has withdrawn from the program at his own request and the provisions on the cancellation of the arrangement by the passenger apply. Timely and correctly paid registration fee and the costs of the tourist trip guarantee the passenger, under the conditions specified in these general terms and conditions and instructions for package trips or under the conditions specified in the special terms and conditions of business or the program, participation or a free place on an individual trip. Payment methods are specifically agreed in the payment conditions. If the reservation is made within 15 days before departure, the entire amount of the arrangement must be paid upon check-in.


In the event that DISCOVER SOČA TOURS or the organizer of the excursion or trip cannot confirm the reservation at the time of concluding the contract, but the passenger would definitely make the reservation in case of free capacity, the reservation is made upon question or inquiry. In this case, the passenger is obliged to pay a EUR 50 deposit upon check-in. If the reservation is confirmed by the organizer, it is binding for the passenger and the advance payment is considered as partial payment of the arrangement. If the reservation is not confirmed within 2 days from the conclusion of the contract, it is void and the deposit paid to the passenger is returned in full. If the passenger withdraws from the contract despite the confirmation and payment of the deposit, the provisions of the section on cancellation of the trip shall apply.


The tour or travel organizer may partially or completely cancel the contract if extraordinary circumstances occur before or during its execution that could not be avoided or prevented, and would represent a legitimate reason for the organizer not to announce the program or accept a reservation for it, if they existed at the time the contract was concluded. The organizer can cancel the tourist trip contract even if the minimum number of passengers provided for each type of package trip, determined by the program and the tourist trip contract, does not register.

The travel organizer can limit the amount of monetary compensation for damage caused due to non-compliance with the contract with the tour or travel contract, which must not be less than three times the total price of the tourist package, except for compensation for bodily injuries and for damage caused intentionally or due to negligence .

The organizer is obliged to inform the buyers about this: at least 20 days before the start of the tourist package lasting longer than 6 days, 7 days before the start of the tourist package for trips lasting 2-6 days and 48 hours before the start of the tourist trip for trips shorter than 2 days. In these cases, the organizer does not assume any obligation to compensate the buyers for damages, but instead returns the entire paid amount of the trip to the buyers. In such a case, passengers are not entitled to reimbursement of expenses.

The organizer has the right to cancel the tourist trip in the event that the passenger does not settle the trip within 15 days, despite the demands of the DISCOVER SOČA TOURS agency, nor does he respond to telephone and/or written requests for payment. In this case, the agency DISCOVER SOČA TOURS has the right to cancel the tour and charge the passenger the costs according to the cancellation table. In this case, it is not possible to enforce any insurance in the event of cancellation.

PASSENGER CANCELLATION – trips and excursions

If a traveler wishes to cancel a tour or trip, they must do so in writing or via email to [email protected]. The passenger can also cancel a tourist trip by phone, which must be followed by a written cancellation (described above). The passenger can personally authorize an adult to cancel the tourist trip on his behalf. In the event that the passenger is a minor, the contract can be canceled only by the person who signed the contract or by another adult authorized by the signatory of the contract, regardless of whether the passenger has reached the age of majority in the meantime. The date of written cancellation is the basis for the calculation of cancellation costs, namely:

– for cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the trip, the organizer retains 30% of the total value of the tourist package,

– for cancellations from 12 to 18 days before the start of the trip, the organizer retains 50% of the total value of the tourist package,

– for cancellation 5 up to and including 10 days before the start of the trip, the organizer retains 80% of the total value of the tourist package,

– for cancellation 2 days before the start of the trip up to and including the day of departure, the organizer retains 100% of the total value of the tourist package

– if the passenger does not show up or cancels the arrangement on the day of the start of the trip or even after it has started, the organizer charges him for the entire value of the tourist trip, which may be increased up to the amount of the actual costs.

The above table of costs does not apply to special tourist trips for which the organizer warns the traveler when concluding the contract and gives him a written table of costs in case of cancellation.

In cases where DISCOVER SOČA TOURS is only an intermediary in the sale of a tourist trip of another organizer, the provisions of the general terms and conditions of this organizer apply in relation to cancellation.

At his request, the passenger can try to change the participants to the contracts, as far as this is possible and usually against the additional payment of the costs of the organizer, carrier, business partner… Please note the special tariff “the lowest possible price without the possibility of cancellation”, where the passenger, for a possible change of name, date and in case of cancellation, the facility pays 100% of the cost of the tourist trip. The sales clerk warns the passenger about this and makes a note on the registration form.


If the passenger anticipates at the time of registration that due to certain circumstances (which may occur with him or his immediate family) he will not participate in the trip, he can authorize DISCOVER SOČA TOURS to take out insurance for him with the insurance company for possible cancellation of the tour package. The passenger can take out insurance on the basis of the application form himself, but in case of cancellation, he himself claims compensation from the insurance company. Insurance is possible in accordance with the provisions of the insurance company and is valid in the case of military conscription, illness or death in the immediate family (spouse, parents, children) and can only be claimed upon submission of relevant evidence (medical certificate, death certificate…). The passenger can cancel the trip exclusively in writing in the same way as when registering, namely on the day of the intended departure at the latest, by immediately attaching the relevant certificates to the cancellation. If it is a cancellation at a time when the branches are closed, the passenger must submit a written cancellation and send it with the appropriate document to the email address: [email protected]. In case of cancellation of the tourist package after departure and without appropriate certificates, it is considered as if the insurance was not taken out for the case. If the passenger does not deliver the appropriate documentation to the agency within a week of the damage event, which must be dated on the day of the damage event, he loses the right to claim compensation from the cancellation insurance. It is also considered that in the case of a concluded contract on a tourist package, without a paid insurance premium, the cancellation insurance does not apply.

The course of settlement of the claim and the time of settlement of the claim is the responsibility of the insurance company.

Regardless of the paid severance fee, DISCOVER SOČA TOURS in the event of the passenger’s cancellation of the trip, the right to reimbursement of administrative costs. Administrative costs amount to EUR 15. In the event that the passenger cancels the tourist package or withdraws from the contract due to force majeure, but has not paid the termination fee, DISCOVER SOČA TOURS has the right to reimbursement of all its expenses, and returns the difference to the passenger. If the passenger cancels the concluded tourist package without reason and has paid cancellation insurance, he cannot claim compensation and in case of cancellation the general conditions apply. In this case, the premium paid will be returned to the passenger. The program can specifically determine a different amount of the termination fee, or that the termination fee is not possible. Premature return or interruption of the trip is not subject to insurance in case of cancellation, so in the event of an early departure home, the passenger must request appropriate certificates, which can be the basis for reimbursement of the unused part of the tourist package. It is not possible to claim a refund of the unused part of the arrangement without appropriate certificates.


The organizer must take care of the good performance of services and the selection of business partners and represent the rights and interests of passengers in accordance with good customs in tourism. He is obliged to provide the passenger with all the services listed in the tourist package program and is responsible for any unrealized or only partially realized services. The organizer excludes any responsibility in case of change or non-performance of services caused by force majeure or delays of means of transport in accordance with positive legal regulations and international conventions. DISCOVER SOČA TOURS is not responsible for possible damage or loss of luggage that occurs during the trip. In this case, the passenger claims the damage on the spot or with the carrier.


If the passenger considers that the performance of the services from the tourist package contract is incomplete, he must immediately notify the organizer, who must eliminate the non-conformity of the performance within a reasonable period of time. If the organizer does not rectify this and the non-conformity is rectified, the passenger himself has the right to request reimbursement of any costs. After the service has been provided, the passenger can request a proportional reduction in the price of the tour package, provided that he/she first notified the organizer during the performance of the service, to the extent that the organizer and the passenger have not eliminated the inconsistencies in the performance, the passenger must within the legal term of two years after the service has been provided and exclusively a written request addresses to the tour package organizer under the conditions of that organizer.

If the organizer of the tourist arrangement is DISCOVER SOČA TOURS, the passenger is obliged to advertise the service immediately on the spot and inform DISCOVER SOČA TOURS about it on the telephone number: +386 51 69 44 15. If it is not possible to solve the problem on the spot, the passenger must request write a written confirmation of the deficiencies and all the details of the deficiency in the complaint and praise book and address the request in writing to DISCOVER SOČA TOURS.

The passenger can file a complaint only in his own name or authorize a third party to do so. The authorization must be attached to the complaint, otherwise DISCOVER SOČA TOURS will not consider the complaint. The complaint must be clear and substantiated with evidence (certificate, picture, certificate of the carrier…).


DISCOVER SOČA TOURS will use personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR regulation. It is considered that, by signing the contract and with additional permits (determined by the passenger himself) on the contract, the passenger agreed that DISCOVER SOČA TOURS manages personal data for the needs of the reservation process, statistics and for informing about the current offer. The latter can also be canceled or prohibited by the passenger with a special declaration.


The passenger is personally responsible for the validity of his/her personal documents, which are a condition for entry into each country. The documents must be valid for at least 6 months after returning to the home country. More detailed information about travel documents and visas is available to the traveler on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are not responsible for incomplete information.


These are tourist packages that are not the subject of catalogs, but are tourist packages with a special price in certain holiday destinations.

Given that these are more affordable tourist packages, free cancellation of such a tourist package is usually not possible. It is usually the sale of the last rooms or apartments, which may also be of lower quality than usual. The offer may also differ in content at the last minute from the services included in the price in the catalog offer, which the sales clerk will also warn the passenger about. Due to a different offer from the offer presented in the catalog, the passenger cannot claim compensation on this account.


For completed groups and professional excursions, a special agreement is concluded, in which the contracting parties specifically define mutual rights and obligations. When travelers apply individually for professional excursions, each traveler receives an application form/agreement on the tourist package, which, if the traveler is a minor, is signed by one of the parents or guardians. The latter has all rights and obligations during the duration of the contractual relationship, regardless of whether the passenger becomes an adult in the meantime.


The passenger has the option to make a telephone or online reservation. They become binding for the passenger when the passenger provides personal data (name, surname, address, telephone number, other persons and birth data of children, e-mail address). On the basis of a telephone or online reservation, we send the answer/application form to the passenger in electronic form, and on request also by regular mail. The passenger sends a reply to the receipt of the application form via email to the email address: [email protected] or a signed application form via regular mail or via whatsapp to the number: +386 51 694415 and reports any errors.

If the passenger withdraws from the telephone or online reservation, the passenger is considered to have withdrawn from the contract and the terms of the passenger’s cancellation apply. On the web portal, the passenger has the option of “requesting” a tourist arrangement, which is not considered a binding reservation.


If the parties cannot resolve the dispute amicably, they will be resolved with the help of the competent court at the passenger’s place of residence.

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