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Slovenia’s mountainous landscapes, especially the Julian Alps, are haven for nature enthusiasts and hikers. With an extensive network of marked hiking trails spanning 10,000 kilometers, it’s a paradise for those seeking to immerse themselves in dynamic and unspoiled natural beauty.

The range of hiking options is incredibly diverse, catering to various preferences and skill levels. Whether you prefer leisurely walks through picturesque valleys, exploring natural landmarks, or more challenging ascents to mountain summits, the Julian Alps offer something for everyone.

The availability of mountain huts, hotels, and campsites dedicated to hikers ensures that adventurers have a variety of accommodations to choose from, enhancing the overall experience of exploring Slovenia’s mountainous terrain.

The untouched beauty and the sheer expanse of hiking trails make the Julian Alps an enticing destination for those seeking to connect with nature, experience breathtaking vistas, and embark on unforgettable hiking adventures amidst Slovenia’s stunning landscapes.


Join us on this incredible 2-day hike and discover one of the most beautiful high mountain valleys – 7 lakes valley in Triglav National Park, where we’ll wander from hut-to-hut around pristine lakes surrounded by high mountains, fresh air and blooming wildflowers.


Day 1: Hike from Lepena Valley (700m) to Krnsko jezero lake and 7 lakes Hut Lodge (1685m) – 16km; max up 1400m, max down 500m

Head towards the beautiful glacial lake of Krnsko jezero (1385 m). It is situated at the foothills of Krn mountain (2244 m), close to the mountain lodge. Witness beautiful views of Krn and the nearby summits. Head towards 7 lake hut over the Bogatin pass (1803m) where you will still be able to see the remainings of the 1. World war.

Day 2: Head towards Prehodavci (2045m) and Trenta valley (750m) – 14km; max up 400m, max down 1400m

Heading towards the hut of Prehodavci by passing the most beautiful lake of all 7 lakes – Ledvička lake. The valley has been protected as a national park since 1924 and boasts of varied terrain, unique flora and Alpine animals. Stop at Prehodavci hut for lunch and for some amazing views over the whole Julian Alps. After lunch we will starting our decent down towards the Trenta village.

Food/Meals: There are half board meals available in the huts in the mountains

Special requirements: The physical fitness of individual – around 6-7h of hiking per day with breaks


Join us on this beautiful one day hike and discover one of the most amazing high mountain lakes in Triglav National Park – Krn lake and from the top of the mount Krn you will have one of the nicest views over the whole Julian Alps.


Hike from Lepena Valley (700m) to Krnsko jezero lake (1385m) and further on to the summit of Krn (2243m) – 9,5km; max up 1550m, max down 50m

Food/Meals: There are meals available in the hut of Krn lake

Special requirements: The physical fitness of individual – around 6-8h of hiking depending on your physical condition


Join us on this beautiful one day hike and discover one of the most remote peaks in the west part of the Julian Alps – Mt. Jerebica/Cima del Lago from where you will have some amazing views over the lake of Predil, mountains of Viš, Mangart, Jalovec, Rombon and the great wall of Loška stena. On the way back to Bovec/Kobarid we can stop by the lake of Predil for a swim.


Hike from Sella Nevea (Na žlebeh) valley (950m) to the summit of Jerebica (2127m) – 5,5km; max up 1150m, max down 50m

Food/Meals: There no meals available and huts available on the way

Special requirements: The physical fitness of individual – around 4-5h of hiking depending on your pysical condition


This hike is one of our favorite ones, but it is possible only in spring and autumn time. Join us and discover one of the most isolated peaks above Soča valley– Mt. Babanski Skedenj from where you will have some amazing views over the Soča valley and river Soča towards Trenta and Kobarid area.


Hike from Gozdec road starting point (1100m) to the summit of Babanski škedenj (2119m) –10,5km; max up 1400m, max down 450m

Food/Meals: There no meals available and huts available on the way

Special requirements: The physical fitness of individual – around 5-6h of hiking depending on your physical condition

IMPORTANT: OTHER MOUNTAIN HIKES IN JULIAN ALPS ON REQUEST – Rombon, Čukla, Bavški Grintavec, Kriški Podi and Mt. Križ, Mojstrovka, Bivak pod Špičko


Required Equipment

At least 30l backpack, good hiking shoes, rain jacket, long hiking pants, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, first aid, food – snacks fort he whole day, enough water, ID document

Olja RakuljOlja Rakulj
19:17 28 Feb 24
We did the Soca valley day tour from Goriška brda and we enjoyed the tour very much. Seen a lot of the Julian Alps, the fortress of Kluze, Soca river with the big gorge and beautiful waterfalls of Virje and Boka. If you are in the region I recommend the day tour to Soca valley a lot!
Renato ProjerRenato Projer
14:26 24 Feb 24
We spent one week in the valley and Miha and Mateja took a very good care of everything that we did and saw. Went rafting, took a guided tour of Soca valley and a transfer to Trieste airpirt. Enjoyed the Soca valley a lot!
Gabriel RajowerGabriel Rajower
09:59 18 Feb 24
My girlfriend and I took a guided tour of the Julian Alps, we were in Bled, but they came to pick us up and we did this beautiful tour. We saw amazing waterfalls, large lakes, some incredible mountain scenery and finally the amazing Soca River with its gorge. This incredible nature is worth seeing.
Bettina BirkBettina Birk
09:53 14 Feb 24
The agency organised our outdoor vacation in Soça valley. They organised the transfer from Venice airport to Bovec and back. We also went on a rafting tour, did a biking tour around Soça valley and went ziplining. Perfect holidays and great organisation!
Johanna GaßmannJohanna Gaßmann
11:17 09 Feb 24
We took a private tour through the Soča Valley and it was a great experience. We marveled at many waterfalls and the Soča River. Thank you for the great time and the great explanations of everything. We will be back!
Stefania RegueiraStefania Regueira
15:28 25 Dec 23
We visited the valley with the family and we took the guided tour of Bovec and Kobarid. We were amazed by the beautiful river Soca and all the waterfalls like Kozjak, Boka and Virje. You need to visit Soca valley when in Slovenia!
Sonja MaticSonja Matic
18:36 02 Dec 23
We took a guided tour of Bovec and Trenta valley and we enjoyed the tour a lot. Great experience when visiting Soca valley.
Stephen BerensonStephen Berenson
13:43 30 Jun 23
Had a wonderful hike with Mateja. She’s smart, thoughtful, delightfully chatty, knowledgeable, athletic and fun to be around.
Mark & LindsayMark & Lindsay
06:44 27 May 23
We could not have been happier with our tour with Mateja! We only had one day in the Soča valley and she planned a tour to make sure we saw as much as possible. We had lunch in a charming town, went to a natural wine shop, and had the most magical day exploring. We learned so much from Mateja, and she went above and beyond by sharing photos and tips for the rest of our trip after the tour as well. We wish we had more time here and would recommend Discover Soča to anyone looking for the best experience with a local guide. THANK YOU!
Jasmine HallJasmine Hall
15:14 21 Apr 23
Thank you Discover Soĉa Tours & Transfers for organising such an unforgettable experience! From the first email to the final goodbye, I felt well supported and looked after by Mateja and Miha.As a young female solo traveller, travelling in off season, it would have been impossible to see everything I wanted using public transport. Thankfully, Mateja and Miha were able to adapt to my budget and make my dreams a reality!My objective was to see the highlights of the Soĉa Valley, and we did just that (and more!). From visiting incredible natural gems to trying local Slovenian cuisine, together, we certainly achieved a lot across a 3 day transfer and tour itinerary.Having a knowledgeable and friendly guide like Mateja really made the whole experience even more amazing. You can tell she is very passionate about her country, its traditions and its people, so I learnt so much more than I could have than by doing it on my own (plus, it is always nice to have someone there to take pictures of you!).If you are wanting to experience the Soĉa Valley to its fullest potential, Discover Soĉa Tours & Transfers is the perfect fit for you. Save the stress of renting a car and instead, sit back and enjoy being looked after.
20:29 15 Apr 23
Evelin GruberEvelin Gruber
09:36 22 May 19
Soča valley is absolutely amazing if you are an adrenaline frick. We used Hotel Boka as our base and Miha form the agency in the hotel arrange some of the activities for us. The highlight was for sure the canyon Fratarica. Don't miss it!