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Natural gems of alpine rivers in the Soča Valley

THE GREAT SOČA GORGE (Velika korita Soče)

is located at the beginning of the Lepena valley and it’s an important natural treasure of the Triglav National Park and Trenta Valley. Rocky and stone riverbed is 750 meters long. The depth of the riverbed is, of course, highly dependent on the water level: in the dry season, they are up to 15 m deep, but during floods, the Soča can completely flood them. It is a nice and short walk along one of Slovenia’s natural pearls. The color of the emerald pools is really amazing.

Have you had the chance to visit this remarkable gorge, or are you planning a trip there? Join us.


Šunik water grove is located in the middle of the unspoilt nature of the Triglav National Park in Lepena. Take a short circular route along the water, where you will be enchanted by the waterfalls and emerald pools of Lepenjica river. Šunik’s water grove is a great place to relax, where you will be surrounded by moss-covered rocks, you will walk across two wooden bridges, find the remains of an old mill, fill your bottles with refreshing water and fill yourself with the energy of nature.

If you prefer longer walks, go on a 3 km long circular route that starts near the Klin camp. The shorter route begins further along the road, at the sign for Šunik water grove.

Starting point: small parking area on the road from Lepena to the hu tof dr. Klementa Juga


The valley of Možnica is a relatively small valley between Rombon and Jerebica mountain and close to the village of Log pod Mangartom. The very lively Nemčlja river has an interesting spring, where the water literally flows from the rock in several places. Lower in the stream, Nemčlja is formed by even smaller gorges and a beautiful waterfall that falls through a natural window.

Možnica gorge is located at an altitude of 580 m. It can be reached after a 30-minute walk, overcoming a 100 m height difference.

We have mentioned only few gorges. We leave some of them for day tours, which we individually prepare for you.


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