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How to get to Bovec and Soča Valley

It is not difficult to get to the Soča valley and Bovec. Although it seems that we are far away because we are located in the far western part of Slovenia, many roads lead to us and to beautiful Soča Valley 🙂 We are also located near Italy and Austria which makes it easier if you are flying to near-by airports or traveling by car, train.

  • You can travel BY PLANE, rent a car or book a transfer with us. The nearest airports are:
  1. Ljubljana-Brnik: 112 km
  2. our favourite Trieste-Ronchi: 90 km
  3. Venice-Marco Polo: 180 km
  4. Venice-Treviso: 190 km


  • Reaching Bovec, Kobarid and the rest of the valley BY CAR. You can enter the Soča valley and Bovec from different directions.
  1. Across the Predil pass, on the border with Italy. For all those coming from Austria, Tarvisio, Kranjska Gora, Bled and also Ljubljana.
  2. through the Vršič pass, which is located above the Soča, Trenta valley and Kranjska Gora for all those coming from the direction of Kranjska Gora, Bled, Ljubljana.
  3. from the south-west direction passing Nova Gorica, towards Tolmin, Kobarid. For everyone coming from Postojna, Istria, Koper, Trieste, Piran.
  4. we are also reached by the road that goes from Ljubljana passing Idrija, Most na Soči and Kobarid.


  • MOTORAIL from Bled, Bohinjska Bistrica to Most na Soči in the Soča valley. You can also travel by train or car train 🙂 For all guests coming from the direction of Bled, Bohinjska Bistrica with the final stop at Most na Soči. If you are not traveling by car, we will come to pick you up at the final station of MOST NA SOČI. Please check for the car train (motorail).


  1. BY BUS from  – Ljubljana, Jesenice, Nova Gorica (takes some time)
  2. BY TRAIN and in case yu need a transfer service we can come to pick you up:
  • from Venice to Udine or Cividale
  • from north to Villach Hbf in Austria
  • from Austria, west italy to Tarvisio Boscoverde
  • above mentioned motorail


There are several reasons to visit the Soča Valley in Slovenia: natural beauty, outdoor activities, history and culture, gastronomy, hospitality and authentic experiences.

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