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Gastronomy and tradition of the Soča Valley

On our tours we will introduce you to the gastronomy of the Soča Valley.

The most traditional dishes are still the same as they were a hundred years ago. They have not modernized them. Maybe they are prepared in a slightly different way but the flavors are still the same, rich and authentic.

What is the cuisine of the Soča Valley like? local ingredients, river delicaciesm, cured meats, cheeses, wild herbs and mushrooms, honey.

What about trying some traditional dishes?

  1. DUMPLINGS – Kobarid or Bovec dumplings. Our favorite dessert. Every housewife makes them differently. We really like sweet Kobarid dumplings filled with walnuts and raisins. Cooked and topped with warm butter, breadcrumbs and cinnamon. But you can also try Buški krafi (Bovec pockets) a delicious dessert filled with Bovec pears.
  2. Don’t miss FRIKA – potato cheese omelette. Simple, crispy, full of flavor. We won’t say more, try it alone or with us 😉
  3. There are also dishes made from cottage cheese (Čompe – cooked potatoes filled with cottage cheese). Lamb dishes, spoon dishes such as jota (cabbage and potatoes – recommended). And we shouldn’t forget trout. It’s a popular dish in the Soča Valley, which can be found on the menus of all good local inns.


Places to eat we recommend and experienced:

  1. In Trenta valley and Soča – Metoja in Trenta (a great pit stop for lunch), Kmetija Jelinčič in Soča (tourist farm family owned), Klin in Lepena (next to camping place), Hedvika in Kal Koritnica (trout dishes, jota, Bovec dumplings).
  2. Restaurant Mangart (fine dinning and lunch, great wine selection and friendly hosts) in Log pod Mangartom
  3. Bovec dumplings at Pavla on the main square in Bovec.
  4. In Kobarid area – Hiša Polonka (traditional dishes, craft beer, great wine list – in summer season busy at eveninngs), Restaurant Topli Val (focused on fish menu, excellent wine list), Lazar (camping place, good vibes, open fire place), Jazbec in Mlinsko (traditionl slovenian food), Postaja Poljana (traditiona dishes such as lamb plate), Cinca – coffe place in the center of Kobarid, Kravca – ice cream made from milk from local Planika diary and wine shop Drink SLO wine with Slovenian natural wines (meet an inspiring sommelier Alan).
  5. Kobarid is also a culinary destination because of Hiša Franko & Ana Roš – a restaurant with three Michelin stars. Hiša Franko represents the fine dining in Slovenia, offering a gastronomic journey with the flavors, traditions, and natural beauty of the valley. Hiša Franko is situated in the municipality of Kobarid – a small historical town surrounded with mountains, river Soča and Nadiža. Chef Ana Roš gained widespread recognition after being featured on the Netflix documentary series “Chef’s Table.” In the kitchen of Hiša Franko they use local and seasonal ingredients


Tradition: cultural heritage, shepherd’s culture, festivals and celebrations, hospitality.

Soča Valley offers rich gastronomy, tradition, culinary delights, cultural heritage and warm hospitality together with breathtaking natural landscapes.






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