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Biking through the Soča Valley

Guided biking tour in the Soča valley overlooking the Julian Alps and the Soča river is a special experience. Our tours are suitable for anyone who in addition to biking, likes to admire nature and is interested in local stories. If you want to experience the first kilometers on gravel terrain with some not too difficult climbs, join us. There is also some cycling on the road but we try to avoid it as much as possible. That’s why we choose morning tours, to take it easy and enjoying the tour.

We will be biking in the heart of Triglav National Park. Exploring pristine landscapes, forests and alpine meadows while pedaling through this wilderness. From challenging mountain trails to scenic routes along the Soča river, experience the natural beauty and rich biodiversity of Slovenia’s national park on two wheels.

Biking in the Soča valley is best in the months of April, May, June, September and October if weather conditions are allowing us.

Biking tours start in Bovec. If you don’t have a MTB bike with you, you can rent one. Lately many guests decide to rent e-bikes because in this way we extend the tour, bike extra kilometers and among other things we reach the viewpoint above the Bovec valley with fantastic view of the surrounding hills, mountains such as Kanin, Rombon and emerald Soča river.

What is the itinerary of our tour?

From Bovec we bike towards the Boka waterfall, the village of Čez Soča with beautiful views of the Julian Alps. We continue in the direction of the Trenta valley and Triglav National Park with the stop at the first Soča gorge and first hanging bridge on our way. Our next stop is Lepena valley. A flyfishing paradise where two rivers meet and where the big Soča gorge is. Possible stop for coffee.

On the way back we will continue the tour to the neighboring valley which is considered less visited and wild called Koritnica valley. There will be an easier ascent and then a descent towards the Koritnica river, which is located below the Kluža fortress. We still have a way back to Bovec with views of Svinjak mountain.

We adapt the tour to you and your abilities. We can cycle from 25 to 50 km. Usually it takes from 2,5 to 4 hours.

You are welcome to join us!



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